Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food, Fitness and the Working Mama

Remember the days when you were 25, worked part-time at a job that required a great deal of physical exertion, spent an hour every day at the gym working out followed by a 30 minute sauna, went on a 2 mile power-walk every morning and evening, and walked to work, the co-op, the bar?

Remember looking in the mirror and seeing the same young face you were born with, before feeding two babies left your breasts sagging, stretch-marked and lop-sided and your lower abdomen stretched out like a piece of hide pulled from the head of a large drum?

Remember being able to tie a scarf around your chest and call it a shirt?  Having size 30 pants fall off your hips and require a belt?  Being able to wear a tank top without the support of a bra?

I remember it all too well and struggle with the reality of my transformed life every day.  Although I can't stand how aging looks, I am willing to trade off a little of my appearance for the wisdom and centering that comes with "advanced" years.  The problem is finding the time to always eat fresh foods and get the proper exercise.

I wish I could end this post with the perfect recipe for whole-body fitness that could accommodate the fluctuating schedule of a working mother, but I suppose if I had that figured out I would patent it, sell it, and spend the rest of my days doing whatever I please.

So consider this a cry for help.

Is it possible to fit in a 60-minute workout at least five times a week without neglecting your children?

What about unprocessed, wholesome lunches for work?  Ideas????