Monday, September 27, 2010

The battle rages on

Trying this post for the second time after Explorer shut down on me (I'm on the PC since I had to give my Macbook to my sub for work). 

I'm still fighting with the scale.  I took one day off my usual workout routine to have a family day (which included one off-plan meal) and I gained 2.5 lbs.  I know I shouldn't worry about weight especially while nursing a baby with intolerances to dairy and soy.  Weight Watchers begins at my work this week which means food journaling and point counting, so I'll probably do that here.  I'll post my food plan for the day in the morning and then report back with what I actually ate.

The positive side is that my running is going well.  I only burn 200 calories on each 30 min run/walk, but I'm building up to being able to actually do a real run in a few months.

Food Plan
B: oatmeal w/dried cherries & almond milk; coffee
L: spinach, banana, blueberry & flax seed smoothie
S: apple
D: spaghetti w/meatballs, 1 slice of french bread, small salad

Activity Plan
60 min Zumba class

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Girl vs Food: The final chapter

Weight: 154.5
It's been a week since I began this Girl vs Food series and in that time I have successfully broken the snacking habit.  My main focus was the elimination of nighttime snacks which I have done for 2 days in a row.  As part of a Biggest Loser weightloss team, I already post my food plans for the day, so I don't really need to journal everything I eat here as well.  I will continue to share new and interesting foods I discover in addition to writing about my journey to complete wellness. 
5:00: water w/psyllium capsule
5:15: coffee w/truvia & almond milk8:35: water w/fish oil, fenugreek, digestive enzymes

8:40: smoothie w/spinach, blueberries & banana

11:30: turkey, mushroom, cucumber, spinach sandwich w/tortilla chips; apple slices w/peanut butter

5:15: 1 BBQ chicken breast, steamed broccoli, corn w/smart balance spread, small salad, merlot x3

8:00: handful of skittles; 10 Ritz crackers w/pb

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girl vs Food (day 6)

Weight: 154.5
I tried Connie's suggestion of eating a higher protein lunch and dinner to see if that curbed the desire to snack and it did!  I know I consumed more fat than usual, but not more calories and carbs.  I actually had a really low-carb day yesterday.  Today will be tricky since I will be gone at lunchtime.  Zoe has a playdate.  I will throw an apple and some nuts and raisins for both Zoe and me. 
6:40: 8 oz water w/psyllium capsule
6:45: coffee w/trivia & almond milk x2
7:15: 8 oz water w/fish oil, fenugreek, and digestive enzymes
7:20: flax and hemp seed granola w/almond milk
12:15: 1/2 cup peanuts & raisins
1: 45: apple3:00: spinach, peach & banana smoothie, ~15 whole grain crackers w/1/4 cup hummus6:00: 8 oz water w/digestive enzymes6:15: 2 small steak fajitas; 1/2 cup rice; Hansen's cane soda7:30: 2 prenatal mulitvitamins

Friday, September 17, 2010

Girl vs Food (day 5)

Weight: 154.5
I had some success yesterday with not binging at night.  Today I'm trying for the same thing--no snacking.  I'm beginning to detox and have been feeling sick so it should be easy to keep the eating under control.
6:45: 8 oz water w/psyllium capsule
7:00: coffee w/truvia & almond milk x 2
7:40: 8 oz water w/fish oil, fenugreek & digestive enzymes
7:45: 1 cup granola w/almond milk
11:30: 2 tbsp PB and 1 tbsp honey on 2 slices of powerseed bread; 1/2 cup peanuts & raisins2:45: green smoothie--spinach, 1 peach, 1 banana, 1 cup cantaloupe, 1/2 cup water
5:30: water w/digestive enzymes; 3 beef fajitas w/avocado; merlot x 2
6:30: 1 cinnamon jolly rancher

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girl vs Food (day 4)

Weight: 156
Another attempt to avoid overeating.  I'm hoping to keep it under 2000 calories today.
7:45 am: 8 oz water w/psyllium capsule; 2 mugs coffee w/truvia & almond milk9:30 am: 10 oz water w/digestive enzymes, fenugreek, and fish oil9:40 am: double serving of oatmeal w/1.75 cups almond milk, honey, dried cherries & flax seeds1:15 pm: 8 oz water w/digestive enzymes; 2 slices of Dave's Killer Bread toasted w/half and avocado, 1 roma tomato, spinach, and 4 thin slices of deli turkey; 1 handful of Carmen's tortilla chips4:00 pm: 2 glasses merlot5:20 pm: 8 oz water w/digestive enzymes5:30 pm: 1 glass merlot; small spinach salad; 1.5 cup Barilla Plus penne w/sauteed veggies; 5 slices of whole grain baguette w/2 tbsp olive oil
6:00 pm: 1/2 glass merlot
8:00 pm: bowl of granola w/almond milk

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Journey to Wellness

My recent posts have been very weight-focused and while I do have 30 lbs to lose in order to be the size I was before the pregnancy, I have also longed to be a more athletic person.  Eleven years ago I decided to become healthier by doing 4 things: (1) high-protein mostly vegan diet, (2) quit smoking cigarettes, (3) 30 minutes of cardio at the gym daily, (4) give up car commuting and walk to work and walk to bus stop for longer trips.  At the time, I was 120 lbs and within a month, I dropped 8 lbs and felt great.  Unfortunately, this was short-lived and I was quickly back to my bad habits.

When preparing to get pregnant for the first time 5 year ago, I made sure I had at least these 3 criteria for good health: (1) no cigarettes, (2) no drugs, (3) no drinking to excess.  These three healthy habits have remained in-tact ever since, but that isn't exactly difficult to do.  So at least I'm not a drug addicted, cigarette smoking drunk.  I guess that's something.

While trying to get pregnant, I also attempted to begin running.  I tried to run around the block and made it about 1/4 of the way and ended up coughing for hours.  I just assumed I was physically unable to run.  I now think it had more to do with going from zero activity to running.  Last March when I did the Shamrock Bridge Stride 6 months pregnant, I decided that next year I would do the 5K.  That gives me 6 months to get my lungs and heart ready. 

My long-term goal is to be in top physical condition by my 40th birthday.  That is 3 years away.  I'm taking steps to reach both the short-term and long term goals.  Here's my starting point...

Monday 60 minute Zumba class (cardio)
Tuesday C25K (cardio)
Wednesday 60 minute Step & Sculpt class (mixed cardio & strength training)
Thursday C25K (cardio)
Friday 60 minute Zumba class (cardio)
Saturday 30 minute Step class (cardio); 60 minute Power Sculpt class (strength training)
Sunday C25K (cardio); 60 minute yoga class (core balance & strength)

I plan to follow this regimen as closely as possible for 8 weeks.  At that time, I will be returning to work and will need to adjust my workout schedule. 

Girl vs Food (day 3)

Weight = 157 (+2)

After binging last night, I am now up two pounds.  Two pounds in one day!!!!!!  I'm trying not to let my constant failure break me completely.  Unlike previous efforts to lose weight, this time my health is in jeopardy given that I am medically overweight for the first time. 

7:00 am: psyllium supplement w/glass of water, 2 mugs coffee w/truvia & almond milk
8:00 am: 1 mug coffee w/truvia & almond milk
8:30 am: 10 oz water w/supplements (fenugreek, digestive enzymes, fish oil)
9:00 am: spinach, canteloupe, blueberry, banana smoothie (14 oz)
11:40 am: 1 slice of whole grain toast w/avocado
12:15 am: 10 oz water w/digestive enzymes
12:30 pm: 1 cup quinoa w/cooked spinach, mushrooms, onion, garilc, olive oil & balsamic vinegar
1:45 pm: 2 cups hemp seed granola
7:40 pm: 8 oz water w/digestive enzymes & fenugreek
7:45 pm: 1.5 cup Barilla Plus penne w/ homegrown tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms & zucchini, 4 slices of whole grain baguette w/1 tbsp olive oil
8:30 pm: 2 glasses merlot

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girl vs Food (day 2)

Today I will also include the supplements I am taking and my water comsumption.  My goal for today is to resist the temptation to snack after dinner.  I will be going to a brewery at dinner time so I will be eating my own dinner at home, then allow myself 1 beer and water while there.  I really need a replacement habit for nighttime snacking--maybe knitting?  I'm not the knitty type, but maybe I could just make blankets.  They take a long time, are simple, and very useful.

Weight: 155.5 (+.5)

6:20 am: 2 mugs of coffee w/truvia and organic unsweetened almond milk, psyllium capsule w/8 oz of water
7:30: 1 glass of water with supplements (fish oil, fenugreek, digestive enzymes)
8:08: 6 oz water, large bowl of hemp seed granola w/almond milk
9:00: 10 oz water
10:30: spinach, blueberries, canteloupe, banana blended into a smoothie
12:30: whole grain toast with 1/2 avocado, tomato, cucumber, spinach.  multigrain crackers w/hummus
5:00: glass of merlot, quinoa w/onions, garlic, mushrooms, and spinach
6:30: 2 Laurelwood porters
7:30: ~10 french fries
9:00: ~2-3 cups of hemp seed granola

Needless to say today was a major fail in my battle against food.  Feeling lots of self-loathing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Girl vs Food

Rather than spending any more time whining over how and why I feel so unhappy with my body, I've decided to track everything I put in my mouth.  I'm not going to waste time searching how much fat and calories are in everything at first...I'm just going to admit to all the snacking in hopes of truly understanding why I am all of a sudden so overweight. 

In doing this, I hope to be able to figure out why I've been trying to lose weight for 2 months and have not lost a single pound.  Am I eating too much?  Am I not active enough? Is there some other reason?  Do I need to see a doctor?

So here is what I have consumed today....

Monday 9/13
Weight 155

8:00 am: large bowl of hemp seed granola w/almond milk, 2 large mugs of coffee w/almond milk & truvia
9:30: small banana
1:00: large salad w/spinach, dried cherries, apples, walnuts, raspberry vinagrette, 6 slices of baguette w/olive oil
1:45: ~15 whole grain crackers w/hummus, jolly rancher
7:00: grilled bone-in chicken breast, 1 ear of corn w/salt & pepper, large helping of green beans w/salt,  glasses of red wine
8:00: bowl of kashi 7 grain honey cereal w/almond milk
9:00: a ton of cereal (maybe 2 cups)