Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patience and a return to the SAHD

I am now 41 weeks pregnant (in other words, a week overdue).  I have employed every possible natural labor inducing technique: Evening Primrose Oil, Black Cohosh, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments.  And there has been a little bit of progress toward expelling this child from the womb.  The anxiety over giving birth naturally in the hospital is gone.  I have zero fears at this point.  One way or another the baby will be born within the next 9 days (by induction on July 1 or 2 if necessary).

Now for a return to my SAHD post from many months ago.  It seems that our decision was made for us when my husband became yet another casualty of the recession.  Fortunately, I still have my job (for now) and probably will at least make it through the next round of budget cuts and teacher layoffs.  With unemployment and no childcare payments, we will be able to maintain our lives as usual.  We are very fortunate and realize that many families do not have it so easy when a lay-off occurs.

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