Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011....the year of the Happy Mama

I am definitely a person who makes plans, sets goals, and takes action.  I am not always successful, but I like to think I do a better job with follow-through than the average New Year Resolution maker.

This year, I've set one goal in each domain of my life.  They are all attainable, however some will be much easier than others.

Domain 1--The Home: Make consistent progress toward organizing the living room/dining room, full bathroom and kids' bedrooms.  This means setting small goals each month and tasks to be done each weekend.  This will be the most difficult of all the goals.

Domain 2--The Family: Cultivate a stronger, more positive relationship with my daughter.  This involves my partner as well, since a positive relationship rests on both parents being on the same page with communication and discipline.  

Domain 3--Wellness: Regain and maintain a weight of 120 lbs or less.  By-products of this goal include paying close attention to how my body reacts to certain foods and supplements and running several 5Ks.

Domain 4--Career: Re-commit to truly responsive education and best practice in the face of increasing standardization and quantification of student learning.  This may mean a second masters degree and a shift in how I contribute to the field if I become a casualty of Oregon's crappy budget.

Domain 5--Recreation: Continue to blog regularly--a minimum of one thoughtful post per week and make at least 1 article submission focusing on intuitive/natural parenting for the working mother.


Jess said...

These all sounds like GREAT goals!!! Good for you!

UnRuly Mama said...

I love your goals!