Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Attack of the Killer Grains!

I feel as if I've been poisoned.  If you watch Boardwalk Empire, think about the douchebag frat boy and what happened to him.  As I watched that episode, I thought....I feel like that!  Well, until he died in his own puke.  It hasn't gotten that bad--yet.  I began removing some newer supplements and still felt terrible.  In fact, I almost had to leave work on two different occasions because of being nearly doubled over in pain.  My diet hadn't changed, but 1-2 weeks prior, I began taking some other supplements and a new protein powder.  I closely examined every ingredient in each and what I found was shocking---GRAINS!  Those sneaky bastards are everywhere.

Before buying this new protein powder, I read the ingredient list online and did not see anything suspect except for pea protein, which isn't paleo, but never gave me trouble before.  Looking at the actual bag, I discovered quinoa and amaranth.  It isn't a lot, so it took nearly 2 weeks to do its damage.  Then I looked at some of the supplements I'd been taking for the past month and sure enough: rice bran, oat bran (all "gluten free" of course). 

The powder was all my fault, but the supplements were prescribed by my naturopath who knows I am off all grains.  It's happened on two different visits, the prescribing of grains to treat my digestive issues.  I've wasted hundreds of dollars on supplements that are toxic to my body.  I'm at the end of my rope and searching for a new doctor.  I want to discontinue most of the supplements and use a more restrictive diet to heal the digestive tract and then slowly re-introduce foods one by one. 

Clearly, this is not the season to embark on the 30-day healing diet so I'm waiting until January.  In the meantime, I am discontinuing about half of the supplements and the protein powder and hoping that helps.  I'm still doing my lifting and HIIT workouts 2-3 times a week and after 3 months have started some light running again.

So that's my little update.  Hopefully next post will be more positive.

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