Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Coffee, It's Not You; It's Me.

It is with great sadness that I make this announcement.  After a strong, 28 year relationship, coffee and I are separating.  This is truly devastating to me.  I'm not sure how the coffee feels.  Of course, I can't just give it up 100%, but I need to drop down to only 1 cup a day and work my way to nothing.  Why?  It makes me bloated, nauseous, and gives me a stomach ache.  It sits undigested for hours in my stomach, just sloshing around in there.  It's gross.  Not to mention my adrenals are in bad shape and coffee contributes to that.  My naturopath had me cut back to only 2 mugs a day 6 months ago so it's about time I cut back again.  My first cup usually isn't too bad, but the second is a killer.

As a side note, over the past few days I've learned that eggs (a staple of the Paleo diet) are very hard for me to digest as well.  So I'm back to smoothies (also not endorsed by the Paleo gurus), but it gives me the nutrients I need in a way that does not make me sick and that I can consume quickly in the morning. 

So far, my list of "no-no foods" are as follows:
dairy products
all grains (including corn)

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tamara lieb said...

I cut back to a cup a day about 6 months ago. I keep it to that or less now. We live in such a coffee culture huh!?