Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gluten free----not for me

I have not enjoyed doing this gluten-free trial during the holidays.  It's hard enough avoiding dairy and soy proteins, but throw gluten into the mix and eating out is truly impossible.  Yes, I could pack my own food when going to someone's home for a party, but bringing your own meal is definitely frowned upon at restaurants.  This year it just so happens that three holiday events are taking place at restaurants.

Yesterday after another exhausting day at work, I rushed to pick up Zozu, go home and nurse Li Li, and get to Laurelwood in less than an hour.  We arrived about 10 minutes late (not bad), but this did not allow me to eat beforehand so I was left with two choices: 1) starve, or 2) just eat and not worry about the gluten.  I chose option #2.

Honestly, I have not felt any change in my body since going gluten-free and while we have seen some improvement in Li Li's disposition, it has been very slight and most likely due to him just getting older and less fussy.  He still spits up and still does not have daily poops.  So I will consider last night's meal a test to confirm that gluten is in fact not an issue for us.  I plan to resume gluten-free eating until Christmas and if there are no ill effects from the burger bun and beer, I will be enjoying some gluten-filled foods on Christmas day!

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Kristen @ Adventures in Mommyhood said...

Yea, we basically don't eat out. Even at places with gluten-free menus I assume that there's soy in it. I really feel like the soy is what kills me.

The holidays are hard for me bc our traditions involve food and, this year, I have to avoid.

I'm glad it is sounding like you probably won't have to be gluten-free much longer. It is hard to be free of all three!