Saturday, December 4, 2010

This month's "theme" is.....

The theme for December is ZEITGEIST. You have 31 days to try to capture the mood of your culture and your life as they exist right now. Use every tool in your blog box: words, photos, music...?

Currently, the "mood and culture" of my life is strongly influenced by my desire to restore my aging body to its former, pre-childbearing state.  The state of Oregon has offered all public employees the benefit of Weight Watchers as part of our preventative health plan.  Having recently given birth and gaining 40 pounds, I took advantage of this free service and have lost 12 pounds since starting the program two months ago.

I also hope to get in great physical shape...meaning my 40th birthday which is less than three years away.  My goal is to finally take the honeymoon I never got because we couldn't afford it.  We want to go to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary and I want to be able to wear a bikini.....yes, a bikini at 40 years old.  I haven't worn one since I was 25.

So a large part of my culture revolves around healthy eating and working out.  I run and do Zumba 2-3 times a week and I do weight-lifting/strength training and yoga each one hour per week.  I'm at the gym 5-6 days a week.  

My diet is made up of 95% non-processed, fresh, organic food.  I do not eat gluten, dairy products, or soy proteins.  I eat tons of meat, rice, and vegetables.  The dietary restrictions are most likely temporary.  The dairy is due to my baby's intolerance to it through my breast milk and the gluten is a "test" to see if it helps my (and the baby's) intestinal issues.  I plan to continue a limited dairy and soy diet since these products are difficult for the human body to digest in large quantities.  And if the gluten-free diet does not change how I feel, then obviously I will return to eating the full range of grains.  As a family, we are getting away from processed, pre-packaged foods.  My husband became a stay-at-home dad after getting laid off last June which allows us more time for healthy food preparation.  Luckily, he enjoys cooking.

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Harlz in Charge said...

Good Job irreverent mama! My get in shape plan is a little more aggressive, I am trying to get in shape for this upcoming summer!! Im only in my early thirties but exercise is a huge motivational issue!! Good luck to you and your stay at home hubby, an honourable trade in the 21 century!!