Friday, December 10, 2010

Health Stalled

I have to make a confession........for the past week I have NOT tracked my meals and I have barely exercised.  My return to work is not as easy as I had hoped.  It is so stressful for many reasons.  In order to facilitate weight loss I decided to cut out wine except for on weekends, but that has not worked out so well.  I have also found gluten-free, dairy-free sweets in the house and am eating them.  Yesterday was my weigh-in and Weight Watchers meeting and I did not stay for the meeting (too many papers to grade) but I did weigh in and for the first time I didn't lose anything.

The gluten-free experiment is not yielding clear results.  Li Li is pooping more regularly, but still spitting up a lot.  I feel no change in myself.

Another drive-by post today.....better luck tomorrow!

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