Sunday, September 19, 2010

Girl vs Food: The final chapter

Weight: 154.5
It's been a week since I began this Girl vs Food series and in that time I have successfully broken the snacking habit.  My main focus was the elimination of nighttime snacks which I have done for 2 days in a row.  As part of a Biggest Loser weightloss team, I already post my food plans for the day, so I don't really need to journal everything I eat here as well.  I will continue to share new and interesting foods I discover in addition to writing about my journey to complete wellness. 
5:00: water w/psyllium capsule
5:15: coffee w/truvia & almond milk8:35: water w/fish oil, fenugreek, digestive enzymes

8:40: smoothie w/spinach, blueberries & banana

11:30: turkey, mushroom, cucumber, spinach sandwich w/tortilla chips; apple slices w/peanut butter

5:15: 1 BBQ chicken breast, steamed broccoli, corn w/smart balance spread, small salad, merlot x3

8:00: handful of skittles; 10 Ritz crackers w/pb

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