Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girl vs Food (day 6)

Weight: 154.5
I tried Connie's suggestion of eating a higher protein lunch and dinner to see if that curbed the desire to snack and it did!  I know I consumed more fat than usual, but not more calories and carbs.  I actually had a really low-carb day yesterday.  Today will be tricky since I will be gone at lunchtime.  Zoe has a playdate.  I will throw an apple and some nuts and raisins for both Zoe and me. 
6:40: 8 oz water w/psyllium capsule
6:45: coffee w/trivia & almond milk x2
7:15: 8 oz water w/fish oil, fenugreek, and digestive enzymes
7:20: flax and hemp seed granola w/almond milk
12:15: 1/2 cup peanuts & raisins
1: 45: apple3:00: spinach, peach & banana smoothie, ~15 whole grain crackers w/1/4 cup hummus6:00: 8 oz water w/digestive enzymes6:15: 2 small steak fajitas; 1/2 cup rice; Hansen's cane soda7:30: 2 prenatal mulitvitamins

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CML said...

Yay for a success! Getting more (healthy) fat is not necessarily a bad thing. I played around with my percentage and found if I went under 25% of total calories from fat, I was hungrier the next day. It's a matter of tweaking what you're doing and finding what works for YOUR body. Eating plans are not one-size-fits-all, although it would be much easier if they were ;-)