Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Girl vs Food (day 3)

Weight = 157 (+2)

After binging last night, I am now up two pounds.  Two pounds in one day!!!!!!  I'm trying not to let my constant failure break me completely.  Unlike previous efforts to lose weight, this time my health is in jeopardy given that I am medically overweight for the first time. 

7:00 am: psyllium supplement w/glass of water, 2 mugs coffee w/truvia & almond milk
8:00 am: 1 mug coffee w/truvia & almond milk
8:30 am: 10 oz water w/supplements (fenugreek, digestive enzymes, fish oil)
9:00 am: spinach, canteloupe, blueberry, banana smoothie (14 oz)
11:40 am: 1 slice of whole grain toast w/avocado
12:15 am: 10 oz water w/digestive enzymes
12:30 pm: 1 cup quinoa w/cooked spinach, mushrooms, onion, garilc, olive oil & balsamic vinegar
1:45 pm: 2 cups hemp seed granola
7:40 pm: 8 oz water w/digestive enzymes & fenugreek
7:45 pm: 1.5 cup Barilla Plus penne w/ homegrown tomatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms & zucchini, 4 slices of whole grain baguette w/1 tbsp olive oil
8:30 pm: 2 glasses merlot

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