Wednesday, November 3, 2010

28 Days and 28 Ways to Fight the Global Capitalist Machine

As I mentioned the other day, one of the things I'd like to accomplish during National Blog Posting Month is commit to doing something every day that fights global capitalism.  With the recent election results hammering me, I feel that individual consumer habits must change in order to prevent the almighty dollar from taking complete control politically.  Our economy will continue to fall into the toilet until we are all flushed away.  Oh wait....not all....the wealthiest Amercians will be doing better than ever. 

So what can we do as struggling Americans?  How can we jump-start our own economy and preserve the American worker identity? 

Idea #1:  Shop at locally-owned businesses.  Here are some ideas for those living in the Portland area.

Groceries: New Seasons Market (beware...Fred Meyer is no longer locally owned)
Fast Food: Burgerville
Fatty Breakfast Food: Elmers
Outdoor Clothing and Gear: REI
Hardware: Parkrose Hardware
Appliances: Standard TV & Appliance

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UnRuly Mama said...

I have Burgerville for the first time this summer while I was visiting and it was DELICIOUS! :)