Monday, November 1, 2010

The Battle Wages On

It's been awhile since I posted on my war against fat and food.  In case you've wondered, the battle is still ongoing, however I am getting it under control and feel that I am slowly but surely winning.

I began Weight Watchers a month ago and have lost 7 lbs.  I am still working on eliminating snacking after dinner.  That is a difficult one to manage, but it's my goal for this week.  If I can make it a week with no evening snacking, I will treat myself to a 90 minute massage.


klalaw said...

Good for you! Slow and steady is the best way to lose, but it can be soooo frustrating. I've made a rule that I'm not allowed to eat after 7pm, but there are days that I'm sorely tempted!

klalaw said...

Oh, and that massage sounds heavenly! I promised myself a massage when I hit a certain weight, but unfortunately it is still 20 pounds away. I'm wishing now I'd been a little more generous with myself!

~semi-crunchy mama~ said...

Awesome! My sister had a lot of luck with Weight Watchers too.

I would LOVE a massage.

Oh, wait, I have a gift cert for one from Mother's Day LAST year that I've never used.


~semi-crunchy mama~ said...

Oh, and as for the nighttime snacks. I've been able to cut them out for the most part within the last month or two. Before that I was starving at night. I think I needed those extra calories then since Bubby nurses all dang night sometimes. I hope your nighttime appetite slows down as L gets a bit older too. Seemed to just happen for me. It was nice.