Thursday, November 4, 2010

Confidence and Perception

While returning from Zumba class yesterday, a Rolling Stones song came on the radio and I had an epiphany.....ugly people CAN be perceived by others as beautiful.  Case in point: Mick Jagger.

Okay, take a good long look and tell me if this man is not totally hideous. Eeeeew doesn't even begin to describe the unappealing body, distorted face, and horrendous wardrobe.  Nonetheless, tons of women the world over have found him super hot.  I'll concede that Mick's "rock star" identity automatically makes him more appealing than the average man, but still........not hot.

Mick's appeal I believe lies in his confidence and his own self-perception.  Do you think that Mick Jagger gives a shit that I find him ugly?  Why should he?  He's rich, famous, and has more women than he can manage even in his old age.  He marketed himself as hot and people accepted that.  

I want to challenge others to embrace their inner Jagger and adopt a more positive perception of their appearance.  This takes some work (you don't see me committing to doing it).  It involves reprogramming our thought processes.  Personally, I have spent most of my life seeing a fat and kinda ugly person in the mirror even though that has rarely been the reality.  The saddest thing about a negative self-perception is that other people tend to see what you see.  If you are projecting a negative self-image, then that is what will shine through.  You also lower certain expectations and seek out less than you deserve.  This is especially dangerous in terms of relationships (both romantic and platonic).

Like I said, I am not taking on this particular challenge, but I am working on changing self-perception in other ways.  I've spent most of my life focused on the outside and now and focusing on more on the internal.  More on that another day.

Viva le Jagger!

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UnRuly Mama said...

Very true! This is something I really need to work on!