Friday, November 12, 2010

What's wrong with my baby?

I am at a total loss as to what is going on with the little guy.  He began "spitting up" and gagging about 12 hours after birth.  I called the nurse in and she said he was just clearing extra fluid from his stomach.  Okay.

 He was a good eater from the start, nursing efficiently and often.......and doing a lot of spitting up.  At one of his earliest doctor appointments, I was told that he was just overeating and would soon outgrow it.  Okay.

At about 3 weeks old, he becomes "colicky" screaming for hours on end.  Pooping at least 5 times a day and constantly spitting up.  Another doctor appointment.  He *may* have colic.  Okay.  He will outgrow it.  Okay.  He is still gaining weight, so the puking is no big deal.  Okay.  We'll try some reflux medication. Okay.

The medicine did not help whatsoever.  I began asking other moms who suggested I cut dairy out of my diet and see if it helps him.  Okay.  He stops pooping frequently.  Still spitting up.  Another doctor appointment.  He *may* be experiencing difficulty digesting milk protein and if so, he probably would have trouble with soy too.  He has an immature digestive system.  He will outgrow it.  Okay.

I cut out all soy.  He begins seeing a chiropractor and taking probiotics. He improves.  Less vomiting.  Less screaming.  Not pooping very often.  Lots of gas.  We begin to phase out the chiro treatments--3 weeks between adjustments.  He gets worse.  No pooping at all.  Lots of pain, shrieking, increased vomiting.

He is now 4 1/2 months old.  I recently switched my primary care to a natural family clinic and explained to the naturopath what was going on with the baby, as well as my own life-long digestive problems for which there has been no real diagnosis.  She thought for sure gluten was the culprit.  I had my blood tested for problems with iron, thyroid and gluten.  All came back negative.  So still no definitive answers.  She suggested I go gluten-free for a couple weeks and see how Li Li reacts, mainly just to rule it out.  Then I need to bring him in for more testing.

I am considering taking him to a specialist at Children's Emmanuel.  I just want to know what is wrong with my baby and fix it.

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