Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'll spare you my disgust at the election results

Instead I will write about my dream home.  The one I won't get because I choose to teach in a high-poverty school where kids just don't pass their OAKS tests as frequently as Republicans would like so it must be all my fault and I should be fired or at least kept from cost of living pay increases.  Oooops......not supposed to be talking about the election result.  *sorry*

We are hoping to have a larger home by the time Zoe is in 5th grade.  That means either selling our current home or doing an overhaul and adding a second floor.  I thought it might be fun to list out all the things I hope for in our next house.

Location: W/in the city limits and school boundaries so the kids will attend Franklin, Cleveland, Grant, or Douglas for HS.
Lot size: 7000sf is ideal
House size: 2000--2500 sf
BR: Master suite w/ plenty of closet space, large bathroom w/jetted tub and stall shower;  3 additional bedrooms--one for each kid and a guest room.
BA: master bath, 1 other full bath, additional 1/2 bath would be great, but not necessary
Floorplan: fairly open with living/dining/kitchen all w/in view
Family Room: either in a finished basement or above.  Must accommodate kids' video gaming area as well as movie-viewing.
Laundry: can be anywhere
Kitchen: large, lots of counter space and storage space; separate pantry for dry goods, double oven.
Green Features: lots of windows and skylights, rain barrels, bamboo, solar panels

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